Profiting from Change: Transform your design business and make your firm indispensable to clients. 

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  • Examples of customer personas from real client projects
  • Make every project more successful using customer empathy strategies
  • Double your income with touchpoint design
  • Find out the "white space" opportunities in the market
Janet Williams

I took this course because I’m a graphic designer that has focused mainly on print.  The frustrations Rhonda shared about what other designers are feeling, really resonated with me. I learned how, as a designer, I can take a strategic seat at the table and I've created a brand new service offering this is quickly gaining traction. The language that I have used for my new website is so much different than it would have been before this course and it's really getting the attention of clients and prospects.

Janet Williams, Delta Blue Studio
Andy Dearwater

Thanks so much for presenting such valuable material. I really benefited. We are working on a Mobile App right now, a new area for our company. We need to determine the experience it creates for the user, so your content is both inspirational and timely.

Andy Dearwater, Dearwater Design


Training #1:
Customer Experience is the new deliverable

It’s no longer print or digital. In this training we’ll discuss the possibilities of where
designers can go and teach specific techniques to use.


Training #2:
Design Thinking 101

Learn how to use the skills you have in a new way, so clients want YOU and only YOU! We'll show you how to tweak the process you're already using and reposition yourself to make your firm more valuable to clients.


Training #3:
How Design Sprint will be a game changer

Design Sprint is a new tool from Google that’s a combination of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking. Designers and clients are loving it. Learn what it is and how it works.

.This is a self paced course that you can do on your own time.

What You Get

Three Transformative Audio Trainings with Experts
+Ideation Sheets to plan your strategy
+ A Success Plan Template to Make Your Action Steps Work
+ Lifetime Private Facebook Group Membership
= The support you've been craving to excite you about the future!

Karen Nasuti

What prompted me to do Profiting from Change was the need for quick ways to build business and income. The information was immediately usable for our clients and has been very well received.

Karen Nasuti, Nasuti & Hinkle Creative Thinking
Get it now for $497

Join me and a 3 of my super smart friends in the business.

You’ll get points of view from HarvardStanford and Google.


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The Graphic Designer’s Guide to Customer Empathy - 4 strategies to help your client truly understand their customer.

I get it.

I'm Rhonda Page, and I've worked every angle of the design and branding business, starting as a designer and moving brand strategist, while doing business development throughout my 25 years.

I know how much things have changed in the industry and how difficult it can be to grow, maintain, and then scale your business in today's world.

That's why I created Profiting from Change. I'm dedicated to bringing you the best ongoing support and proven strategies, to take the worry out of your future.

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