Attention client service and new business development teams

Are you ready to win business more easily and get more work from the clients you already have?

Team workshops: 

Client Development

1/2 day workshop

67% of clients would like their agency to have a better understanding of their business. If you have anxiety about clients leaving, going for the less expensive competitor or working with other firms when you know you could be doing it all, this will teach your team how clients think so you can keep them loyal and long term. 

The Business Development Success Formula

1/2 day workshop

This workshop is for anyone pitching new business. We'll go through the business development journey beginning with where to find prospects to closing the deal and beyond. Your team will learn a new way to approach business development that takes less time and increases the closing rate.

Positioning your firm to finally stand out

2-day workshop

You get the importance of positioning and you can do it easily for clients but when it comes to your own’s a different story. If you’ve spent countless hours with your team trying to figure this out, I invite you to take advantage of this 2-day workshop to uncover your firms value proposition. 

Here's what clients have to say...

After many successful years in business, we found ourselves not getting new business as quickly as in previous years. Rhonda interviewed our most important clients and we learned that none of them saw us as having a strategic capability. As a result, we worked diligently to enhance our strategy team and make it known to clients. It's been 4 years, and our business has completely changed. We are busy as ever.

Robert Moberly
Robert Moberly Lewis Moberly, London UK

Just wanted to say how grateful I am for the work you do Rhonda and the wisdom you’ve shared with me. After coaching with you, I grew my business 500% in a year. Thank you again!!

Katie Osborn
Katie Osborn Via Collective, Brooklyn New York

Rhonda’s tools have saved us hundreds of hours in biz dev time. We’re getting more work and spending less time working at it.

Taylor Martin, Found + Chief Creative
Taylor Martin, Found + Chief Creative Design Positive, Austin Texas

Rhonda Page is a true genius when it comes to creating a brand that has you stand out as an authority in your niche. Our sessions were incredibly stimulating and always lead to great clarity. She helped me create something unique that I can build my business around for years to come.

Jane Deuber
Jane Deuber Global Experts Accelerator, Monterey California

I've been truly inspired, thanks to Rhonda. Not only have I grown my business and increased the volume of work, since I joined her program but my business gets more and more exciting all the time. She's a true entrepreneur and I'm opening to new ideas and exciting new ventures. Rhonda has been helping me establish new systems and structures to achieve my goals. We're even collaborating on some new ideas that will support both of our businesses.  She opened my eyes for ways to enjoy the process of building my business.

Limor Morgenstern
Limor Morgenstern LMD Branding, New York, New York

Rhonda has been a great source for new ideas and building my confidence in marketing my company. For the first time I am actually marketing my business. I even launched a new product offer that will help me create more leverage.

Ted Kendall
Ted Kendall Triple Scoop Market Research, Denver Colorado

Rhonda is a formula for success. Her coaching has been a tremendous help to my agency. She is always encouraging and positive. I love her manner the most! She is generous with her advice, resources and time. I wish I started working with her years ago!

Carol Hayes
Carol Hayes Virginia Creative Group

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Hi I'm Rhonda Page

Rhonda started as a graphic designer and evolved to brand strategist and business development professional, bringing hundreds of thousands in new business to the creative firms she worked with. She's worked on the biggest global brands for companies like Kraft and Coca-Cola, and in a leadership position client side. Since 2010, she's been an advisor to design firms and agencies all over the world. She's a speaker and published author, (Know Your Difference, No Limit Publishing 2011).

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