Business Development:

  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Webinar: 5 Questions you need to ask your prospect before you even think about meeting
  • Audio: 4 Steps to business development success
  • ebook: Why the old way of getting business doesn't work anymore and what does work
  • Webinar: What the design firm of the future looks like
  • Course: Closing Business with Ease (proposals in half the time)
  • How to get clients to invest in Brand Strategy
  • Put your referral program in place
  • Adding other revenue streams
  • How to network when you HATE networking


  • 10 Ways to improve your money mindset
  • Audo: What's stopping you from making more money
  • Audio: Using your thoughts and emotions to attract clients
  • Time Management Strategies

Client relationships:

  • Webinar:┬áThink like a client
  • Mastermind discussion:┬áThink like a client


  • The Value Proposition Canvas
  • Packaging your services
  • What's New About LinkedIn July 2017
  • How to do Brand Strategy
  • 3 Ways to use Market Research
  • How to do Stakeholder Interviews
  • Workbook: LinkedIn Maximizer
  • ebook: 4 money making strategies that will help your client understand their customer
  • Worksheet: Target audience
  • Getting out of the fear of choosing a target audience
  • How to get high email open rates
  • Easy content creation