The Business Development Breakthrough

This course will rock your business.

Katie Osborn, Principal

I have achieved 500% growth between 2015 and 2016 thanks to this course and Rhonda's input.

Katie Osborn, Principal, Via Collective
Kathleen Budny, Program Director

"Rhonda’s program is well planned, relevant, timely and impactful and her style is calming, approachable and inspiring!"

Kathleen Budny, Program Director, AIGA

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  • 4 online learning modules

    Our training platform is user-friendly and the material is solid. It will get you thinking, about what else is possible for you and provoke you to look at your business in a whole new way. Each of the 4 modules has an audio recording with instructions and a workbook with exercises to go through. It’s one step at a time.

  • Our private Facebook group to get your questions answered

    No matter where you are in your journey, you’ll have a perfect place to brainstorm, get advice and helpful support. It’s a forum for new ideas, articles and feedback and a fantastically supportive community.

  • Special Pricing for Private Coaching

    One-on-one time with Rhonda is not included in the program but when you join, you’ll get preferred pricing and priority booking for one-on-one sessions. Coaching with Rhonda will give you fast clarity.

  • Business Accelerator group calls

    When you register for the program, you’ll have 4 months access to our business accelerator group calls that take place every 2 weeks. You’ll be able to get coaching, ask questions and learn more new business strategies.

Taylor Martin, Chief Creative Officer

Rhonda’s program taught us how to save hundreds of hours on Business Development. Being part of this group was like having my own board of Directors and it changed my whole business. The most exciting thing that happened was I got 4 new clients in the same week while I was in the program

Taylor Martin, Chief Creative Officer, Design Postitive

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Regular Price 4 Monthly Payments of $400 Today $270
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Together, we'll walk through the 4 strategic steps to new business success:

Module 1: Get Clear On Your Perfect Client

    • Ideal client scorecard and exercises to identify your ideal client
    • Stakeholder interviews to discover what's on your client's mind
    • Develop your positioning and marketing messages to differentiate

    Module 2: Start Your Marketing Engine

    • Learn to connect without cold calling
    • Create a unique marketing plan just for you (that will work for you)
    • Be supported in implementing your new marketing

    Module 3: Proposal Process with ease

    • Learn the key to first meeting success
    • Get prospects involvement in the proposal process
    • Increase your win rate

    Module 4: Get More Work From The Client You Already Have

    • Learn strategies for building authentic and close relationships with clients
    • Learn ways to stay connected once a project ends
    • Understand how clients really think

    Plus tools and templates you'll want to have:

    First Meeting Success Formula

    Budget Calculator

    Easy website template


        Regular Price 4 Monthly Payments of $400 Today $270
        Get started now!Payment Plan
        Regular Price 1 Payment of  $1,450 $950
        Get started now!Save 10% when you pay in full

        I'm Rhonda Page and I've brought hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business to the design firms and agencies I worked for over my 25-year career. I've worked every angle of the business, starting as a designer and moving to client services, brand strategy, and consumer insights while doing business development throughout.  I know first hand, how difficult it can be to get grow and maintain clients especially with all the changes in business and a market that's flooded. That's why I created this course. I'm dedicated to pushing you to create more in your business and your life. 

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        I've done so many courses, what's different here?

        This course is specific for graphic design and branding firms. The people who are following the steps and doing the whole program are seeing the results.

        What is the format of the group calls

        When you join the program you'll have 4 months access to our business accelerator calls. These calls focus and different business development topics and you can ask questions and get coaching.

        What if I don’t have the time?

        You really need to dedicate time weekly for this work. If you don’t devote consistent time, (regardless of this course), it’s not easy to build a sustainable business. 

        How do I know it will work for me?

        The course works for the people who dedicate the time to do the work, ask questions when they need to and do the program fully.

        How much time should I give myself overall?

        There are 4 modules. Plan to do one a month and you'll have the program completed in 4 months. 

        Can I get coaching from Rhonda?

        You can organize private coaching sessions with Rhonda (additional fee).

        When can I get started?

        Any time - This is all self managed and on your own time. We recommend devoting 1 morning or afternoon a week to work on the modules.

        When can I expect to see some results?

        Some people have seen results as soon as they start to apply the 5 Questions (watch the Webinar Here). Some people get new work as soon as they enroll in this course because they are making a commitment to grow their business. If you do the work, you can expect to begin to see changes in approximately 6 months (it really varies depending on the time you dedicate).


        Refund Policy

        I believe very strongly that this program, will help you grow your business if you do the module work. I’m really committed to helping you and I want you to be committed to the program. If by chance, you’re not happy with this program, what I'm willing to do is this. If within 14 days of registration, you show me that you've completed the Orientation and the first 5 pages of the Module #1 workbook and you explain why you don't believe this program will help you, we'll provide a refund of your investment less a 10% admin fee.

        Still on the Fence? Let's Connect!

        I understand this is a big decision, and I want to make sure it’s right for you. Send me your email and I’ll reach out and see what’s possible.

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